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European Moth Nights (2012-06-06)

The 9th. European Moth Nights is just around the corner. The event is taking place from 14th until 18th of June 2012. We will export your data to the EMN-administrators if you send us a notification.

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Follow us on Twitter (2012-05-30)

New documented records of rare moths and butterflies in Norway fill our Twitter stream, as well as other moth-news. All tweets are accompanied with English and scientific names.

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Red-listed Norwegian Lepidoptera (2011-11-28)

340 species of Lepidoptera are recognized as threatened on the national red-list. We have added the red-list status on the different species factsheets.

Call for photos (2010-10-06)

About 400 different species are illustrated with pictures on our factsheets, and 1400 species have been registered on the site. We aim to illustrate most of the species in Norway...

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Data from in the national maps (2010-09-20)

Since 20 September 2010 data from has been exported to the national species distribution maps hosted by the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre.

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50 000 records on (2010-08-23)

Record number 50 000 was registered at today. The species marking the event was the Snout Moth Crambus pascuella (observed in Steinkjer in Middle Norway).

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Eudonia and Scoparia (2015-07-22)

Download a PDF illustating nine Norwegian Scoparia and Eudonia-species on one single page.

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40 000 records on (2010-07-22)

Record number 40 000 was registered at today. The species marking the event was the Tortrix moth Eucosma campoliliana (light-trapped at Karmöy in Western Norway).

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English version of (2010-05-17)

Since the launch in July 2007 has only been available in Norwegian. Now you can both browse the pages and register data in English. Also new is the foodplants for each species.

30 000 records! (2010-04-30)

A Cleora cinctaria (Ringed Carpet) light-trapped in Rogaland county yesterday became observation number 30 000 in the database.

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