Norwegian moths and butterflies

Welcome to! Enjoy the diversity of Norwegian moths and butterflies by browsing thousands of pictures, observations, distributions, flight periods and more. You are also invited to share observations and pictures that you may have recorded in Norway.

Recent photos

Camberwell Beauty (antiopa)
Tawny Marbled Minor (latruncula)
Lesser Swallow Prominent (gnoma)
Skogsalathettefly (lactucae)
Twin-spot Carpet (didymata)
Willow Beauty (rhomboidaria)
Tansy plume (ochrodactyla)
Bird-cherry Ermine (evonymella)
Foxglove Pug (pulchellata)
Long-horned Flat-body (quercana)
Pale-streak Grass-veneer (selasella)
Slender Brindle (scolopacina)
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