Norwegian moths and butterflies

Welcome to! Enjoy the diversity of Norwegian moths and butterflies by browsing thousands of pictures, observations, distributions, flight periods and more. You are also invited to share observations and pictures that you may have recorded in Norway.

Recent photos

Gråbrunt metallfly (buraetica)Tutts Burnished Brass (stenochrysis)Coarse Hazel Pygmy (floslactella)Gold-ribbon Argent (brockeella)Treflekket nebbmott (permutatella)Dark Pine Knot-horn (abietella)Minor Shoulder-knot (viminalis)Lempke's Gold Spot (putnami)Mouse-ear Groundling (fraternella)Twin-spot Plume (bipunctidactyla) (ivella)Winter Moth (brumata)Cinereous Groundling (terrella) (similis/senectella/affinis/umb..)Green Pug (rectangulata)Common Lutestring (duplaris)