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Artsbilder fra Arild Breistøl

The photographer has shared these pictures to be used in the factsheets at lepidoptera.no and miljolare.no.

The pictures cannot be used without the photographers permission.
  • Iphiclides podalirius (Scarce Swallowtail)
    Iphiclides podalirius (Scarce Swallowtail) Arild Breistøl (2010-04-29)
  • Argynnis paphia (Silver-Washed Fritillary)
    Argynnis paphia (Silver-Washed Fritillary) Arild Breistøl (2007-07-24)
  • Phymatopus hecta (Gold Swift)
    Phymatopus hecta (Gold Swift) Arild Breistøl (2010-07-26)
  • Hemaris fuciformis (Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth)
    Hemaris fuciformis (Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth) Arild Breistøl (2010-06-27)
  • Papilio machaon (Swallowtail)
    Papilio machaon (Swallowtail) Arild Breistøl (2010-04-29)
  • Favonius quercus (Purple Hairstreak)
    Favonius quercus (Purple Hairstreak) Arild Breistøl (2007-08-09)
  • Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson Speckled)
    Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson Speckled) Arild Breistøl (2010-04-30)